Our Story

For the Love of Numbered Laundry Pins    
 It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on the vintage numbered laundry pins. Their worn look and mysterious number had us hooked, but we really didn't understand their purpose until we heard their story.
     Vintage Numbered Laundry Pins carry a number for purpose. Soldiers would use numbered laundry pins to keep track of their laundry when it went out to the wash.
The numbered laundry pins tell stories of past times and methods used. They tell a story of people and service for others and our county. 
     These humble laundry pins salute the best in us, and those around us. For it is through service and sacrifice for others that we truly love one another. Love is the tie that binds.
For us at Launderette Numbered Style we value others and we pray that we will be marked by our love for one another.
     When you see these numbered laundry pins our hope is that you will remember they are marked with love for you!
Inspired by the vintage numbered laundry pin, we create unique on-trend jewelry just for YOU. WEAR HISTORY!